Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
For (Office Project Member) and Incubator3301(I3301)


The Retail Project Member of Incubator3301agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions that are expressed in writing and verbally and may change from time to time at the discretion of I3301, the facility operator. Changes may come by way of a verbal notice, or by way of an email notice.

The membership is offered on a month to month basis, failure to renew the monthly membership on the either the member’s part or the part of I3301 will be understood as termination of the membership, and the membership and its privileges will end at the period for which has been prepaid by the member provided that the member is not in contravention of any other terms and conditions contained herein or otherwise. Not paying on time on the member’s part or the refusal to accept payment on I3301’s part will constitute a failure to renew.

As a shared space the member will respect other members’ space and will not disturb the other members by excessive noise, communication or other types of interaction. They will be notified of such a behavior and if the behavior continues I3301 may have to revoke the offending member’s membership and privileges associated therewith.

The business hours of the center are 7:00 AM to 6:00PM Monday through Saturday. Exceptions may be made for later hours of one of the members, on an occasional basis. However, Parking at the facility’s lot will strictly adhere to these times. Should the member stay later they will remove their vehicle to street or paid parking.

The member agrees not to invite any non-member(s) or guest(s), customer(s) or client(s) into the facility outside of business hours without I3301’s foreknowledge at any time whatsoever.

The member has usage and access to their space in the mall area of the ground floor, access to the relevant washroom on the main floor, and storing or staging area in at the rear of the building. The member does not have access to any other parts of the building.

If given a key to use as a member of the facility, the member agrees not to replicate the key or give it to any other persons whatsoever. The member agrees to return the key once their membership ends and immediately return the key on demand should their membership be revoked. If the member loses his key he agrees to pay for a new lockset, installation of the lockset, and issuance of new keys to other members on demand.

Although the member may have a membership which entitles him to exclusive use of a retail area the member agrees that they are willing to be relocated to another space in the facility or building or other facility that I3301 offers to provide.

Although internet access is available to the member, I3301 does not warrant or guarantee uptime, security, or speed of the service and any usage of internet shall not be excessive or burdensome to the other members. If the member has a need for any reliability, security, or bandwidth for any reason whatsoever beyond such conditions the member is encouraged to obtain their own dedicated internet.

By signing this agreement the member agrees and understands the risks of working in a shared facility and release I3301 of responsibility for any damages that may be occur. In fact, the member willfully agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Incubator3301, its staff and ownership for any loss or claim that may occur to the member or any third party which may arise from the use or affiliation with the facility.

During any period of membership, I3301 may chose to cancel the project and give the member one months notice to do so. At this point the member will pay all outstanding funds owing to I3301, and if they are in surplus the surplus funds will be return to the member promtly.




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Floorpan (available spaces)



Telephone: 647-478-6121

Email: officeproject (at) incubator3301.com

*1 year term and subject to minimum occupancy requirement and other terms and conditions please contact for details.


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